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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2019 7:30am-7:46am CET

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lomas terror. i think no p.c. silicon anymore city has received. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philippines in the sense of i guess april eleventh on t.w. . happy birthday well why wed on march twelfth nine hundred eighty nine a man called tim suggests to his boss that it might be a good idea to connect computers around the world fast forward thirty years we have online dating fake news and can't videos thank you very much tim berners lee. scales down its of bishan says weeks after it counsels the world's biggest airline a european acro builder reveals much smaller plan for the future of flying taxi.
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business you don't do business. in berlin well. thirty years ago today a scientist called tim berners lee put the idea of the world wide web into a paper and suggested to his boss to set it up the boss called it exciting and today we have big videos and influencers facebook is being called the threats to democracy happy birthday internet what went wrong. the ability of just about anyone to contact everyone anywhere in the world is down to this man tim berners lee as a young english physicist berners lee came up with a program language that enabled computers connected to the internet to exchange data. back then he was more concerned about linking academic computers around the world the science community and something else tim berners lee didn't get his language page in did the world wide web was free of charge from the beginning on
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what might have had something to do with how the internet swept and changed the world in such a short time. what we're getting to this point in just a few months when for the first time more than half the world will build will be online we're calling it a fifty fifty moment and that's a moment where i think we've got to do two things firstly we've got to say what about the next fifty percent and there's a lot of challenge in how we're going to get everybody connected or even the most the majority of the world connected but is also of course a lot to do to make the web better and whether that's dealing with privacy concerns with content online with governments censoring or cutting access to the web in different parts of the world there's lots to do to make sure that we're getting the where we want not a web that actually hurts humanity because that's the downside enormously powerful tech conglomerates like facebook and google who collect collate and monetize personal data governments that spy on their citizens they make berners lee livid so
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nowadays he's working to help internet users regain control and ownership of their personal data. so thirty is of the internet to discuss that with me we have robots of the studio digital natives only one year old the internet itself so he has the right talk. is rob you've looked into this the history of the internet and the world wide web it was it's a bit really invented thirty years ago today so the track we mustn't fall into is saying that the internet was invented thirty years ago today wasn't the internet isn't been thirty years ago today that it's been around since founts of the one nine hundred sixty s. in one form or another this is the world wide web we're talking about the difference the world wide web is what we access every time we use a web browser like google chrome or firefox or as far your internet explorer and it's the system of coded web pages so you know the layout was designed by something
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that someone's written and then the skipping from one page to another by clicking on links and typing in addresses that's the world wide web and it's thirty years ago today this father here tim berners they first put forward his proposal for the world wide web or what he called at the time an information management systems finance he his boss on first hearing that proposal described it as vague but exciting think that it. has become pretty concrete but hasn't. posted yesterday on the internet it. really isn't too happy with how his brain child has developed what is what's his cons yeah he's got a few concerns to be honest it's not what he did madge and it's going to be not happy with the way this is going it was supposed to be the great leveller he invented it as a way of people being able to share information so that we could solve the world's problems together but in this letter yesterday he says
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a few issues three particular points that he makes all the time he doesn't like the way it's now being used by state actors to spread disinformation. and undermine democracy he says he doesn't like the advertising models that are often being used that encourage click bait articles so you know things with no real sort of intellectual value he also says he dislikes the way that the internet has encouraged debate of outraged sometimes his stare at cool so he doesn't like the trolling this virtual but lots and lots and lots of money is being made the internet. the world wide web his invention he made available free of charge. now the. companies like this one who actually say thank you very cleverly like this today they may make loads of money as he is the critical of the well they've got they've got plenty of reason to be thankful they've been able to make a lot of money out of his invention but what he's concerned about is commercial interests getting in the way of what he calls the public good he fears that use of
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data and the way that people are being made to pay to use websites is not really in the spirit of what he invented thirty years ago today so he's actually working on a few projects one of them to try to help people take back control of that data and another one which he calls the contract of the web which is an idea that governments come together to put together a series of laws about the web or at least guidelines on how it should be used a bit like you know we've got the universal declaration of human rights the law of the sea the outer space treaty where people of from different nations come together to come up with a way of going forward and he wants that for the web he says that the internet and the web his invention is currently going through a troubled adolescent phase but he thinks it's not too late to save it. reports of on tim berners lee and how he's worried about the wants to that he created which is the internet is thirty years today. oil production is set to continue to
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expand to the united states thanks to shale oil. it will be a net exporter of oil from twenty twenty one onwards a development that should reinforce global energy security with production costs sinking that boom is said to continue this should help the united states russia and nip at the heels of saudi arabia as the world's top oil exports the international energy agency says the u.s. will account for two thirds of the increase in global oil production over the next five years rising u.s. shale production was one of the main drivers in the collapse in oil prices in twenty fourteen from which the oil industry is just recovering to bolster prices opec russia and other producers agreed last december to reduce supply by one point two million barrels a day from january to june this year. that's had only a limited effect on opec countries currently pump sixty two million barrels
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a day that is likely to rise sharply by about ten percent to sixty eight million by twenty twenty four opec's output is about half that the thirty one million barrels a day it's expected to grow slowly to about thirty three million barrels by twenty twenty four. says demand for oil based plastics and petrochemicals will feed steady but slower demand growth with no peak in sight travel is the other major growth sector thanks to rising incomes in developing countries and an increasing number of airports and airlines especially in asia china and india will account for nearly half of the global increase in oil demand by twenty twenty four. is in the spotlight again in new york state attorney general's office has reportedly asked his biggest bank to reveal details of its list of companies owned by u.s. president trump the main focus are transactions connected to trump hotels in
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washington miami and chicago the investigation was portly prompted by former trump lawyer michael cole's testimony before kong. said you're going from gave false financial statements to the bad for. those bringing our financial correspondent out to find the strange so what investigators are hoping to find there would be old or once upon a time before don trump was president he was looking for some money to buy hotels and also a national football team but banks wouldn't give him any except for dollar bank and while the bank has been involved in some shady business this isn't about the bank's behavior it's about trump's. as his former lawyer alleges he inflated his assets in order to get that credit line which is sensually amounts to bank fraud but that will be very difficult to to prove that investigators will look at these documents
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trying to prove it but since most of trump's acids are in real estate and that's very subjective it will be difficult. if you can't hold the murder rumors are. you hearing anything you. seems we've exited rumor territory german finance minister of shoals actually confirmed that there are talks there are low level talks on the c.e.o. level and there's a very limited timeframe of three to five weeks when investors will want to know well is it going to happen or is it not the locals keep of us updated about that was thank you. last week announced the end of for duction of the world's largest passenger aircraft the a three eighty the european plane maker also talk about the future of the very small aircraft on monday at present is the prototype of its flying taxi. you won't see them flying around just yet so the
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city air bus was celebrated on monday as a vision of the future and electric vehicle with eight rotors that can carry four passengers useful for taking people to hospital in an emergency but also for daily passenger traffic. that needs overseas the sun will never see as cheap as a cab on short distances but if i look at a taxi in one of the big cities in the world for example paris if i drive from the airport into the city it also costs one hundred euros and more we want to be in that price category the us get that they live on. air bus engineers have been working on their vision of a flying taxi for two years and they are neither the only ones nor the first competitor boeing already took to the air in january even further is the german startup volo copter which is already rehearsing in dubai according to a study seventy five companies worldwide are working on the dream of a flying car those who are in the race are not only there due to the technology
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regulations play a part because no flying taxi is allowed in the air without a flight permit the german minister of transport promises to act quickly. be able and we're going to organize the legal framework parallel to the products that way we save time you can do both parallel to each other instead of wanted to time and sort and cut our loses now the city air bus has to prove its airworthiness it will move from the marketplace and out to a nearby airfield where test flights will begin in the coming months. fold to the us thank you very much for saying this is your business.
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i know nothing at the gym because sometimes i am but most and nothing with that even germany thinks deep into the german culture. you don't seem to take this drama day on t.v. it's all about who you know i might show join me to meet the gem of a course. what's the connection between bread. and the european you. know guild montas d w correspondent
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abbott baker crap. on. metro about recipes for success and strategies that make a difference. baking bread. on g.w. . hello and welcome along to news from the world of arts and culture is what we have you today. a production of nabucco directed by kremlin critic it is sarah break off while under house arrest in moscow premieres in hamburg. our guest today is burning based painter lennart control whose colorful mysterious images are inspired by renaissance masterpieces. and in this week's edition of one hundred
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german must reads we look at a mystery set in the heady days following the full of the burnin wall. we begin in hamburg where the opening night of the verde opera in a book oh began with its director two thousand kilometers away under house arrest in moscow could all sort of break off is a harsh critic of the government so unable to travel he's relied on friends to carry out his vision for the production and his updated take on verdi's classic puts the plight of refugees in europe into the mix. of modern rendition a very nice classic nabucco set in the u.n. security council teaming with six intreat and spots. the slave chorus laments their lost home but in this update the original few bruce lives have been.


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